I didn say they did, I shit on G2 as well

Willie Collum just got it wrong HotlineEuan McLean put on the tin hat for today’s Hotline and there was plenty to be discussed.Rangers FCRangers scouts attend Athens derby. But who could they have been watching?Steven Gerrard will be in the market for new players in January and had talent spotters at the Athens derby on Saturday.Eduardo HerreraWhat Rangers flop Eduardo Herrera has been up to at Santos LagunaThe striker returned to Mexico in the summer but is he making any kind of an impact?Rangers FCRangers coach Michael Beale reveals how far Gareth McAuley is away from debutThe veteran defender has been playing for the reserves and first team coach Beale expects him to be a regular soon.Steven GerrardRangers manager Steven Gerrard Q to be held at Glasgow cinema this monthThe Ibrox boss will be the subject of documentary Make Us Dream which will be shown at Odeon Luxe Glasgow Quay and the live Q via satellite will be held afterwards.Neil DoncasterSPFL chief Neil Doncaster bats away reporter’s question on introduction of strict liabilityA string of incidents have re opened discussion over punishing clubs for unruly supporters.DunblaneDunblane fencer heads Down Under in bid for Commonwealth gloryDunblane teenager Alex Papadopoulos will celebrate his 18th birthday next month in Australia. But there won’t be any partying for him.Ibrox StadiumIbrox set for changes as Rangers director of football Mark Allen outlines major revampThe new facilities will be installed to help improve the matchday experience for players..

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