The officer should have been taken in for psychiatric

officer stops ambulance

canada goose coats Way to rub it in, Walt. Your parents are dead. Your friends have abandoned you. Your town is on fire. Apparently the ambulance committed a traffic violation and was driving to the hospital without its lights or sirens on even though they had a patient on board. The officer stopped the ambulance and what happened on the video followed. The CNN story said that the person aboard the ambulance was treated and released. The officer should have been taken in for psychiatric evaluation in my opinion though. The traffic violation wasn even serious, and it one I shrug off every time I cut off in traffic. While I wouldn expect a cop to shrug off some random asshole cutting him off, this was a fucking emergency vehicle for chrissakes. canada goose coats

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canada goose store It was a bizarre situation to observe. Police officers and EMTs both have certain things they can legally do while on duty that the uk canada goose average civilian cannot. Before this, I had actually never heard of something like this happening. If an EMT commits a glaring traffic violation without emergency lights on, I suppose he or she should be held responsible, but as soon as it made known that there is a patient in that ambulance, the first priority should be to get them on their way. It just a shame that the trooper addressed it in such an improper way. canada goose store

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Canada Goose Jackets I just saw a story about this on CNN. Apparently the ambulance committed a traffic violation and was driving to the hospital without its lights or sirens on even though they had a patient on board. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale I pretty sure that EMT don run for every patient. He didn swear or become hostile but he still didn back down once. He totally unflappable. Apparently the canada goose uk outlet ambulance committed a traffic violation and was driving to the hospital without its lights or sirens on even though they had a patient on board. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online Dickhead cop says clearly in the video that the ambulance driver was going to get his because he flipped the bird to dickhead cop. According to White, he didn flip the cop off. He put his hand up in a “what did I do?” gesture. Even if he did flip him off then so what? If I not allowed to pull ambulances over and choke a bitch when someone flips me off then cops shouldn be allowed to do it either. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Outlet Trooper says he was himself in an canada goose factory sale emergency situation, going to the scene of a crime or whatever, and the ambulance cut HIM off, without the lights on. Then when he canada goose black friday sale pulled the ambulance over, the ambulance driver gave him the finger. If knowing he was keeping a patient away from the emergency room wasn enough to get his rational mind working, then one of these days he going to do a lot worse. Canada Goose Outlet

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drunkpiano wrote:That said, if the medics did fail to yield without emergency lights, that could have canadian goose jacket caused a severe accident and should be addressed. It just a shame that the trooper addressed it in such an improper way.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Honestly, if you watch it again (once you know what going on) and see the part where he overtakes the canada goose outlet ambulance, at the exact point at which the ambulance should have yielded to let him pass, there another car on the side of the road (presumably yielding to either the ambulance or the cop) canada goose clearance and he has to go back into the middle of the road to avoid that car. Only then can he pull over. In the end, he doesn fully yield, but I think the whole thing might have been avoided had that car not been there and the ambulance driver been able to pull over right away. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Believe it or not, you may be paying for the lights/siren when you transported via ambulance. At least, this was true a number of years ago. My mom and sister were in a collision and they went in separate vehicles. Mom got the Canada Goose online sirens, Kim did not. When the statement came, the charge for Mom ambulance was higher. And it not like they provided Mom with more care while she was in the ambulance, either. I think the trooper was way out of line, once the situation was explained to him. They all la de da and very lackadaisical when it comes to moving over.

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canada goose deals According buy canada goose jacket to Illinois law the cop was at least partially right. (I was trained in Illinois, so that is what I know) However it is obvious that the cop let his ego do the talking canada goose and override his commen sense. And since canada goose uk black friday cop (along with firefighter and EMT) is a profession that tends to attract those with more than their fair share of ego this happens quite often. That NFL canada goose uk shop player driving to see his dying mother in law was the last high profile one I can remember. In my firefighter training course Canada Goose Online I saw the video from of a St. Louis cop arresting a firefighter on the scene of a vehicle extrication because he wouldn cheap Canada Goose move his firetruck. And as David said, we give cops alot of power, and the most important thing they need to remember about that power is that it shouldn be used to win dick waving contests. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket A buy canada goose jacket cheap brief struggle followed, at which point the trooper grabbed White by the throat. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Clearly a rational response to the situation. This is what happens when you sit around watching Dirty Harry and rubbing one out every night. As far as the “failure to yield” thing goes, if you canada goose clearance sale watch at the beginning the reason he doesn immediately pull over is that there a car stopped in the shoulder. As soon as they clear the car they do brake and pull over as the trooper races past. Should they have crashed into it? Officer Cock fistula wasn in Canada Goose Jackets so much of hurry that he couldn turn around and have a six minute freakout at a pair of EMTs over an ambiguous hand gesture. I also noticed that the trooper twice took the situation out of range of the dash cam. Once onto the Canada Goose Parka side of the patrol car and again in front Canada Goose Outlet of the ambulance. Not remotely suspicious, come inquiry time. canada goose clearance sale

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