Robert McGee later wrote in a police report

A. Definitely just being in the gym and being around the team, being able to see what I was working toward every day. Then in the games when you’re watching from the sideline it’s like, I want to be out there. First, it was the culmination of over two decades of competing and my number one goal so achieving that was very satisfying and second, my girl friend Lauren who I had just started dating was there to see me do it. At the time, the PL community at large only had a handful of resources Jackal Gym, WSBB, PLUSA, and any old VHS tapes you could get your hands on (it makes seem like so far away). My question, in relation to this, is how have you seen people approach training differently with the advent of social media, and with the fact that we have an overall larger population of people being involved in powerlifting? Do you feel that with the surge of interest, people are training in ways that are too scientifically based, instead of just going into the gym and working their asses off (which seemed to be the common trend back in the day), or do you think there is a natural way to mend those two theories together? How has your training evolved over the years?I think the current state of social media and the internet in general is both a good and bad thing.

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