Officers are now appealing for help to trace Elisha Crimmins

this is how much it cost taxpayers to evict travellers from cambridge

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cheap hermes belt ‘Growing concern’ over two missing 14 year old girlsDetectives said they were “growing increasingly concerned” for the welfare of Alisha Watkins, 14Detectives said they were “growing increasingly concerned” for the welfare of Alisha Watkins, 14, who was last seen leaving her home in Cardington, Bedfordshire, on September 29.Officers are now appealing for help to trace Elisha Crimmins, 14, has also been missing from her home in Bedfordshire since Saturday.Speaking on Wednesday (October 3), Alisha’s mother Claire Lawrence said: “It’s unlike her to be gone this long. We’re out of our minds with worry not knowing where she is.”The 38 year old described her daughter as a “bubbly, enthusiastic girl”, who was replica hermes oran sandals into make up and horses.The high quality hermes replica mum said: “She always goes on social media but she has not this time hermes replica birkin bag and that’s very worrying. It’s really out of character.”Alisha will turn 15 next week, on October 10.Ms Lawrence added: “She’s very family orientated so she would not high quality hermes birkin replica want to miss it.”Bedforshire Police described Alisha Watkins as being around hermes belt replica uk 5ft 4 inches tall, of slim build and as having blonde hair.She was last hermes replica seen wearing black leggings, a navy puffa jacket and black trainers.Elisha Crimmins is described as around 5ft 3inches tall, of slim build and with shoulder length brown hair.She was last seen wearing black leggings, a black puffa jacket and black trainers. cheap hermes belt

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