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NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander recently found carbonates in soil samples, and researchers had previously found them in Martian meteorites that fell to Earth and in windblown Mars dust observed from orbit. However, the dust and soil could be mixtures from many areas, so the origins of carbonates have been unclear. The latest observations indicate carbonates may have formed over extended periods on early Mars and also point to specific locations where future rovers and landers could search for possible evidence of past life.

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Canada Goose Parka Feb 14:Wiggins buying into Northeast Colorado Water CooperativeOct 11:Wiggins water fit to drinkSep 20:Wiggins water is flowingAug 22:Last section of Wiggins pipeline under constructionAug 16:Wiggins could have more water sharesJul 12:Watering restrictions tightened for summerJun 19:Wiggins will receive loan and grant for water projectJun 8:Wiggins could see more money for water projectMay 10:Wiggins trustees look at new water limitsMar 29:Wiggins applies for water project loan, grantsMar 22:Wiggins receives federal approval for water pipelineMar 15:Wiggins looking at another town water loanFeb 19:Wiggins water project weeks away from design change approvalFeb 8:Wiggins trustees learn water project can use plastic pipesThe final section of pipeline is finished, and the whole pipe has been flushed and tested, said Interim Wiggins Town Administrator Jon Richardson Wednesday night, during the Wiggins Board of Trustees monthly meeting.This brings water from a new water well, which replaces the supply from the old, failing wells.Once the finishing touches are put on today, the first task is to fill the town water tank, Richardson said.However, the finishing touches might be delayed by wet weather in the area, he warned.Nonetheless, the time is near for clean and potable water to flow through homes and businesses in Wiggins.It may take until Thanksgiving before the town’s water blending equipment is in place, but that does not matter at this time of year, when people do not need to water their lawns.There is plenty of the buy canada goose jacket new water to fill the town’s needs right now, Richardson said.The blending plan would mix the old water with the new water to make the supply fit the needs of the town, but will only be needed in high usage months, he predicted.Unfortunately, the contractor is having some difficulties making the blending equipment fit the structure of the design, but that is being fixed at no extra charge, Richardson said.The board approved $3,090 for getting check valves and other equipment to fix an issue with the transmission pumps at the well site,But that will not hold up starting the water flowing, he said. The system can run with one pump.Also, the town really does not need to raise its water rates immediately, despite a second loan it had to take out to complete the project, said Leroy Cruz, who does water rate studies for the Colorado Rural Water Association, of which Wiggins is a member.There might be a need for raising rates later, once the true cost of running the system is determined, though, he said.It is uncertain how long the reverse osmosis membranes will last, and they are costly to replace, Cruz said. Too often, towns do not plan for depreciation of equipment, but that is crucial in order to plan for replacing equipment.He did say the board might want to look at what commercial properties pay.”Residential users are subsidizing commercial users,” Cruz noted.Cruz said he could do another rate study next year canada goose uk shop as it becomes more clear how much it costs to run the system Canada Goose Parka.

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