I did have a few bumps in the road getting the system stable

For example, a very high level might be 100x stronger than a very low level player throughout the world, but with a template and level/gear/etc based modifier, in a small competitive arena it could equalize their stats down to a point where the higher level player may only be 10{e44394a89ba628ca33bf7fefefc90a841f521061de41c7125db1f92bcaee992a} stronger stat wise in one small specific environment. As it a skill based game, I envision such a system solely for things like dueling or competitive smaller team battles (excluding of course guild wars where I imagine elite guilds would fight based on their overall power, success and progress in the game and world PvP) especially if skill based rankings are something you considering in the future. As far as this goes, I just spitballing some ideas that might benefit competitive, skilled players who wish to prove themselves in 1v1s while still maintaining the vast majority of the pvp being open world and akin to old school wilderness except with skulling.

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