Children and people who have air quality sensitive conditions

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replica Purse We have a wonderful historic downtown with character and our schools are high rated. St. Cloud is adjacent to the Florida Turnpike making travel to Orlando and the International Airport only a 25 minute drive away. The advisory includes coastal Los Angeles County; the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, San Gabriel and Pomona Walnut valleys, and the San Gabriel Mountains.]]>LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) A smoke advisory remains in effect due to smoke from the Woolsey Fire. The advisory includes coastal Los Angeles County; the San Fernando, Santa Clarita, San Gabriel and Pomona Walnut valleys, and the San Gabriel Mountains.Progress has been made against the Woolsey Fire, which was at 20 percent containment Monday, but the advisory has not yet been lifted.Wildfire smoke is a mixture of small particles, gases and replica bags water vapor, and the primary health concern is the small particles, which can cause burning eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, headaches and bronchitis, health officials said. In people with sensitive conditions, the particles can cause difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, fatigue, and/or chest pain.Children and people who have air quality sensitive conditions, such as heart disease, asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases, should follow the recommendations and stay indoors as much as possible, even in areas where smoke, soot or ash cannot be seen or there is no smell of smoke, according to DPH officials.The SCAQMD said disposable respirators labeled as N 95 or P 100 can offer some protection if worn properly and tightly fit, but officials cautioned that even residents with respirators should limit their exposure to smoke as much as possible. replica Purse

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