But while heart attacks can be traced to specific obstructions

This will be the most densely populated part of Bangladesh, the delta area which is one the most fertile pieces of land in the world. One can see the effect of sea levels rising in many coastal areas in Bangladesh as seawater has contaminated underground water.As the sea level rises, millions will get displaced and will move northwards towards India. What is India supposed to do at that time? Are we supposed to build larger fences as a human disaster of unimaginable proportions unravels in front of us? Can we start working towards solving the issue now? Can we perhaps start building dykes in Bangladesh so that we can stop the sea level from inundating Bangladesh? Whatever steps we eventually take, it must mitigate a human tragedy of unfathomable proportions.Planning needs to move from here and now issues to planning for the future, including for future aspirations, calamities, climate and technological landscape.(This is the third in a multi part series on Outcome Based Planning)(Jaijit Bhattacharya is President, Centre for Digital Economy Policy Research, and Adjunct Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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