And I just broke down, like a kettle that boils over

“I ended up the first transgender woman in Brazil to go through the adoption system. I did the whole process to qualify myself. Then in 2016, a judge from Pernambuco (state) read something about me on the Internet in which I said that I wanted to adopt a transgender child.

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75% of restoration companies are not LICENSED to perform these services. Don’t be scammed. Florida Services has worked with the Tampa Police Department Criminal Intelligence Bureau for the Construction fraud Unit. If you feel that you are a victim of construction fraud and your home is in Tampa please call 813-276-3638 or 813-276-3657 and speak with an officer and see what repercussion you may have. If you live outside of Tampa please contact your local Police department. DON’T HIRE A CONTRACTOR UNTIL YOU SEE THEIR LICENSE.

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